Wedding Gown Preservation

A Wedding Gown Is An Heirloom... Protect It For A Lifetime
We know that your Wedding Gown is a lasting symbol of your wedding day and a keepsake you may want to pass down to future generations. Watkins Cleaners of Homewood has been the “Wedding Gown Preservation Specialist” in the Birmingham area since 1956.  Over the years, Watkins Cleaners of Homewood has become the area's most trusted specialists in Wedding Gown cleaning and preservation. Our specialist have many years experience in the handling of couture and fine garment cleaning of the most delicate fabrics such as silk, rayon, linen, leather trim items, intricate beading, appliques and embroidery. 


Avoid the Following

*Avoid hanging your wedding gown over an extended length of time. Long term storage on a hanger will cause the gown to stretch and sag.

*Avoid exposing your gown to bright light or heating vents. This can cause oxidation and fabric deterioration.

*Avoid storing or sealing your gown in a plastic bag. Moisture can form inside the plastic and cause mildew and fabric deterioration.

*Avoid attempting to remove stains on your gown yourself. This may cause permanent damage.

*Avoid pressing a soiled wedding gown. This can permanently set stains which may not be obvious to the eye and can break down the fibers and cut short the life of your gown.

*Keep perfumes, lotions, antiperspirants, and hairspray away form your gown. These products contain alcohol which will damage some dyes, especially natural fibers such as silk and linen.

*Keep all permanent labels on your wedding gown. This is vital to the servicing of your wedding gown. Removing your care labels also voids the manufacturer's warranty for your wedding gown.


*Your wedding gown label should contain four pieces of information

  1. The manufacturer’s Registered Identification Number or “RN”. 

  2. The garments fiber content. 

  3. The country of origin. 

  4. Care instructions.